Attorney Liability

No attorney or law firm is immune from a malpractice claim. The number of professional liability claims and grievances has dramatically increased in the past decades as the courts continue to expand the theories of liability under which an attorney may be found responsible to others.

As a result, the likelihood exists that today, more than ever, an attorney will have the need for legal representation.  If that occurs, you want a law firm on your side that understands your practice, excels in the field of attorney professional liability and comprehends the importance of maintaining your reputation.

LBC&C has amassed a premier team of lawyers whose practice focuses on the representation of attorneys in diverse matters such as malpractice, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, intentional torts, fraud, libel and slander, violations of state and federal statutes and civil RICO.

We know how much time and attention is diverted from your practice in the event a claim is asserted.  Once a claim is made, we fashion strategies designed to extricate you from the problem as early as possible in order to reach the right result with minimal disruption to you and your practice.

In the event litigation is unavoidable, you can count on LBC&C’s tough litigators with years of experience representing attorneys.

In addition to mounting a vigorous defense in the event a claim is interposed, the LBC&C Attorney Liability Group expends significant time and effort providing risk management advice designed to prevent claims in the first instance.

For years, LBC&C has administered hotlines and rendered pre-claim assistance designed to provide attorneys with advice on how to defuse a situation before it becomes a claim and to extricate the attorney from a claim before it escalates into a lawsuit.

Many law firms may claim to represent attorneys.  LBC&C has a well-documented track record evidencing the depth of its experience in representing attorneys since the time the Firm was founded more than 25 years ago.