Commercial & Corporate Litigation

Finding the Best Solutions

Economic realities require large and small companies to sue to protect their rights and interests. At other times, commercial disputes result in businesses becoming defendants in a lawsuit. The Firm realizes that regardless of whether the client has sued or been sued it has important interests at stake that will certainly be affected by the lawsuit, which may even threaten its survival.

LBC&C litigators have prosecuted and defended corporations and small businesses in every manner of lawsuit. The same talents, which have made LBC&C so successful in defending business professionals, have served the Firm well in prosecuting, defending and resolving these commercial disputes.

LBC&C will pursue business claims ranging from breach of contract to infringement of intellectual property rights.

The Firm has vast experience in the litigation of business torts, and has successfully prosecuted and defended these claims.

At the heart of LBC&C's representation is the strong awareness that business decisions and financial concerns take precedence over the bitterness of the dispute.

The Firm, therefore, works diligently toward an efficient resolution of any litigation with careful attention to the client's bottom line. When such a resolution is not feasible, the Firm's litigators are relentless in their advocacy through trial in pursuing our client's interests.

A Team of Professionals Working Together

Perhaps the best feature of the Firm's representation is that its business litigators work hand in hand with LBC&C's outstanding transactional lawyers. If a dispute arises in the course of making a deal, litigation support is immediately available.

Meanwhile, our transactional lawyers work closely with LBC&C litigators to secure the best business and financial terms.

LBC&C's teamwork approach has proven to be a tremendous benefit to the large and small businesses we represent.

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