General Litigation

General Litigation

Experienced and Knowledgeable Litigators

The partners and associates of LBC&C, have broad based experience in a wide variety of cases involving personal injuries and property damage.

The Firm defends claims arising out of ownership or possession of property, operation of motor vehicles, Labor Law, liquor law liability, sports induced injuries, and defamation, to name just a few examples.

These cases have been litigated in state and federal courts, and have been handled from pleadings through trial and appeal.

Cost Effective Litigation

LBC&C appreciates the need to minimize the costs to the client in defending many of the more common types of personal injury and property damage cases.

The Firm utilizes investigators to help reduce costs, or works with the client's or insurance carrier's own investigators.

The Firm has a staff of clerks to maintain calendars, medical records, and documents, and has paralegals working under the direction and supervision of attorneys to accomplish routine tasks which do not require an attorney's level of skill.

The assigned attorney is matched to the case by the level of skill and expertise the case requires.

The Firm promotes alternative dispute resolution as a means of attaining a desired goal in a cost effective manner.

The Defense Team

Communication is the key to fostering a team effort in defending litigated claims.

The Firm coordinates with the client and/or the insurance carrier at the inception of the case, and routinely during the litigation, to determine the desired goal of the litigation and to set the strategy to achieve that goal in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

LBC&C's attorneys appreciate the necessity to promptly report all significant case developments, providing analysis on liability, damages, strategy, and cost projections.

Motions, research, extraordinary discovery proceedings, and the like are undertaken after consultation with all concerned to make sure the defined strategy of the case is being implemented in an agreed upon manner.