Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals

Protecting the Industry's Leaders

Whether defending a real estate agent, appraiser or mortgage broker, LBC&C's clients are among the largest and most reputable real estate professionals. LBC&C provides our clients with personal attention from attorneys well versed in representing their interests.

Consistent with this experience, LBC&C understands that the majority of cases brought against real estate professionals stem from the frustrated expectations of purchasers who are unhappy with their acquisition. They resort to bringing suit against everyone involved in the property's sale.

Indeed, this leads to claims against our clients regardless of any basis for liability. It is for this reason that from the point of retention, LBC&C attempts to amicably and expeditiously confer with our adversary to secure a discontinuance of the claims. Indeed, this strategy has proven successful in many of our cases, saving our clients the time and expense of litigation.

In those circumstances where an early discontinuance of the claims is not possible, LBC&C understands that motion practice, prior to engaging in protracted litigation, is often appropriate to quickly bring those claims to a conclusion.

Hence, whether in reaching an immediate resolution or in pursuing early motion practice, our expertise in this area is focused on the immediate dismissal or discontinuance of claims against our clients.

LBC&C also lectures extensively on subjects pertinent to the real estate community. The seminars conducted by LBC&C focus on the conduct of real estate professionals and avoiding claims.

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